The Sedan For The Soccer Enthusiast With A Life

When you put the words soccer and transportation in the same sentence, chances are that you would immediately think about big bulky cars and the 2017 Ford Fusion has it all.

Big, bulky cars like SUV’s or minivans might be the stereotype for a reason as they are quite useful for hauling a lot of players or equipment around for soccer games; however, sometimes you don’t need an unwieldy and inefficient hatchback.

If you’re either a player, coach, or spectator who is:

A) not required to lug around all the equipment or transport 20 people in one go

B) needs a daily driver for work and such: A sedan just might be what you need to get you from the office to the soccer field.

An important thing to remember is that not all sedans are equal. What you want is a sedan that gives you power, efficiency, speed, and most importantly, convenience all at a price point that fits your budget.

Enter the 2017 Ford Fusion

With this in mind, this model becomes an excellent option. With a tagline that says: “Choices engineered to fit your driving style,” the car is a versatile beast that can tackle all the challenges of urban life and then some.

Efficient Ecofriendly Engine

Boasting an innovative EcoBoost(tm) Engine (in 1.5L and 2L), the Ford Fusion can go even farther than similar engines before it thanks to the proprietary efficiency features engineered straight into the engine.

Aside from the increased mileage and savings, the Eco-Boost(tm) Engine also produces fewer emissions that could harm the environment so you can drive more guilt-free.

Versatile and Smooth Transmission

This car is also a joy to drive around as it features a 6 speed shiftable automatic transmission, offering a smooth ride with no hassle. And should the need arise, the transmission also allows you to manually access some extra power when you need it.

Power when and only when you need it

On the topic of power, the Ford Fusion is no slouch; Thanks to the Available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (or AWD) System found in the machine, the car shifts from front wheel to all wheel drive as soon as you need the extra traction and only when you need the extra traction. This means that when you aren’t using the full power of your engine, the AWD System saves you money by reducing the amount of gas your car consumes.

The Fusion

As if that much saving isn’t enough, the 2017 Ford Fusion is also kitted with the Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid. This system allows you to either plug in or not. Whether you’ve got the gas to go or would rather cruise with the power of electricity, the Fusion Energi Plug-In can accommodate you and your choices.

Powerful, economic, convenient, fast, versatile; these are all words that describe the wonder of this auto. No longer will you have to deal with the extra costs and hassle of a big clunky SUV or hatchback. So if you’re shopping for a new car with your soccer habits in mind, go get this automobile; you won’t regret it.