May 19, 2015

4 Must-Know Facts about Fantasy Football

Are you ready for some fantasy football? While baseball is considered America’s “favorite pastime,” in terms of the record viewers, participants, and surveys, American football is easily the most favorite pro sport. National football League (NFL) players can range from those who start in youth leagues, to “walk-on” players who quit their day jobs and then launch a new career as a pro player. For those fans who aren’t satisfied by simply watching the gridiron during the autumn, there’s fantasy football. Here are some must-know facts about the game:

Fact #1: It puts the fans in charge

The best way to think about fantasy football is that instead of watching the NFL, the player is the NFL. For example, you can create your own pro football league and select the players in it. What’s even better is that the players are based on current NFL players, so you can track them week-by-week based on their actual stats.

Fact #2: Casual and hardcore fan alike can enjoy it

One of the key benefits of the NFL fantasy football is that you don’t need to have racked up decades of experience as a pro football game, to enjoy fantasy football. Will it give you an edge as you compete against other players? It probably will.

But even if you’re new to the game of football, you can definitely enjoy the thrills of fantasy football. In fact, for beginners to the sport, playing fantasy football will result in a steeper learning curve, and help to create a love and appreciation for the sport.

Fact #3: It’s a cinch to learn

While fantasy football is a statistical game that you can take a lifetime to perfect, the nuts and bolts of the game are fairly easy. Players compete against each other by managing groups of real NFL players or position units, which are chosen from the NFL. The history of the game can be traced back to 1962. An Oakland Raiders employee, partner, and local reporter worked on the structure and rules of what would eventually become modern fantasy football.

Fact #4: It includes several types of leagues

While the essence of fantasy football leagues is the same, there are various types, and each of them is somewhat unique:

Head to Head Leagues: Teams play other teams each week, and the team that wins the most points for a particular week wins the “game” for that week. Points are earned through a scoring system.

Total Points Leagues: The earning of points by teams is ongoing, and league standings are determined by the various team’s total points

All Play Leagues: Every week each team plays all the other teams. The winner for the weak has the best record for that week.

Keeper League: Teams can keep players from year-to-year

Salary Cap League: Each player has a “salary” and a team’s “salary cap” is the maximum amount teams can spend on players.

Whether you’ve been an NFL fan for one month or one lifetime, fantasy football is an outstanding way to learn and appreciate the game even more.

Aug 25, 2014

Welcome To a Fans Paradise


American football is the most popular sport in USA, the players are trained from a very young age and therefore have a long way to go until they make it to the national football league. These players start learning how to play almost since their first days of school and they move forward season by season training harder and harder and learning more and more.

The other part of the population that just like to watch the games and are raving fans of this sport do all kind of things to encourage and support their teams, even when sometimes this is not always fun, there is frustration and many other emotions involved for this sport. The fans get deeply involved in all the movements of their team and are up to date in all what happens in this sport in general, these gives them the ability of criticising the decision that are made during and off the seasons by their coaches, managers and so on.

Fantasy football was created to give all the fans the ultimate experience of football, this is like giving a child the keys of a huge toy store with a candy bar included! Here you can create your own leagues and choose your players all based on real NFL stats and numbers that are occurring live during the season and career of the players in real life!

This category of football has a very big crowd in the US, a lot of people play this kind of game and it has become a big deal for many people also, the game has of course a whole structure for everyone, you can sign up even if you don’t know much about football and you want to experience the game, for beginners you will have much simple tasks than a more advanced player, this gives a more equal opportunity to all the people that want to join.